Well my budget is very low and I have absolutely close to no money to spend on guitar right now. I have an Ibanez GRX40 (S/S/H) and i have ibanez stock pickups in the neck and middle position, Air Norton DP193 in the bridge. I'm aiming for a blues/ classic rock sound/ and I'm very impressed with the air norton. My question is will i hear some change in the sound if i get this pickup for the neck of my guitar? http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/5albostpi.html
They got good reviews and its in my price range
I don't know if these sound different from stock pickups or not. If it does, I won't get it. Also I'm not listing the amp I'm playing through because everyone will flame me (I'm sure you can guess the amp I have )
MG's arent that bad for blues, IMO. high treble, contour at half, bass at half. gain VERY low (OD channel) right where it starts to pick up. right before u hit that higher gain stage, then its just gradually more fizz. but if u find the right gain and have lots of highs, so that its clear its really nice. as soon as u add gain it turns into mega fuzz though. and i say keep the FDD switch off, that thing kills tone i find.

if u have a spider...my bad lol
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I got a set of these, http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/casetof3lilk.html recently for my SSS strat copy. They sound a lot better than the standard ones that were in there and they are dead quiet. The set gives a pretty good range of sounds for me. I don't run through an amp, but rather through my mixer into my pc into guitar rig, and through headphones or out to my cervin vegas. They are really sensitive to pickup height, so a few twists give a different sound. I'm still tweaking them and might swap positions, play with coil taps, etc. But they're cheap and a huge upgrade from the stock pickups. lol. I also have their humbucker rail-style pickup, that is going to be install in another guitar next week sometime, so I don't know how that sounds.
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It probably won't do anything if you have a modelling amp, mg or a frontman. But its only cheap, buy them if you want, however if your playing a crappy amp it will still be a crappy amp.
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