I want to buy some Seymour Duncan '59 pickups. But the selection says you can buy a SD *insert color* neck/bridge pickup. Click on the link to see what I mean. What I'm wondering is why there's a neck and a bridge pickup. Sorry, but I always thought that all pickups were the same, and that you can place them in either the neck or bridge. If you buy a neck and bridge SD, won't they be the same? I always thought it would be about placement. But I guess I'm wrong.. uh help?
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The changes are usually very subtle for the Neck/Bridge of the same pickup.

The Bridge usually has a bit more output and a bit less high end to avoid being too bright. The Neck is the opposite, a bit less output and a little less low end to avoid being muddy.

The changes are minimal at best though, its not THAT big a deal.
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if you take the same pickup, the neck pickup is a slightly underwound version of the bridge, meaning less output and more high end.

Of course it doesn't really matter, a lot of people had bridge pickups that were wound less than the neck. (Dickie Betts, Jimmy Page)