Poll: Do you sleep in your trousers?
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Yes all the time.
67 14%
No never. O_o wtf?!
134 29%
Now and then...
202 43%
Wut teh hell r trousers?! lul!
66 14%
Voters: 469.
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I sleep with whatever I have on at the time usually, though it's been so hot I've been sleeping without pants on recently.
I've passed out drunk with my pants on...that's pretty much the only time that ever happens though.
always in my jeans, belt, boxers, i've woken (gr?)with shoes sitll on.

EDIT: "what's a trousers?!!lul!!!1!

lul? what does that mean?
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What's a trouser?

That is what I was thinking. By trousers do you mean pants or do you mean underwear?
I sleep naked. Every time. No matter what.
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I sleep with my trouser trout on!!
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how can ANYONE sleep in their pants? i'd be insanely uncomfortable.

I've attempted it once before deeming it uncomfortable when taking them off is a button snap or so away.

In boxers or naked. Seriously, it's so uncomfy to sleep in pyjamas or clothes in general..........
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I sleep in a bright pink pair of feetie pajamas that my drummers mum made for all of us to wear on stage.
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i sleep in jeans every night.

rough childhood, bad habit.

i dont mind it.
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I sleep naked, but I can sleep in "trousers" when it's appropriate. Did it a lot in my old band, playing out so much.
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sometimes. usually only if im not sleeping in my own bed.
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I sleep with whatever I'm wearing at the time, but every now and then I'll sleep without any on.
Nop. Boxers or... yeah .
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yeah i do quite often, 3 days in a row with the same jeans cuz im too damn lazy to do laundry...
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i like the nude best.
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However, I never sleep with a shirt. I always sweat a whole lot and wake up insanely uncomfortable when I wear a shirt to bed.
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Once when I was really drunk, but normally never.
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When I was 11.

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If it's midday and I'm exhausted and wanna take a nap, I'll sleep in my "trousers". Otherwise not.
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