Hey everybody! This is a video of me and my band playing at my friends senior graduation recital. He's the keyboardist and he composed this song, it's called Esmerelda: The Story of a Lost Treasure. It's pretty proggy and sort of metal, and really fun to play.

2:30-6:45 is almost all improv except that short lead line at the beginning. Check it out! I'm the guitarist. It's sort of hard to hear me and the bass at some points cuz the amps weren't facing the camera and the acoustics in that theater were really hard to adjust to. Tell me what you think!

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that sounded weird! but it was good you guys are all good players you are right about not being able to hear the guitar very good. that solo was sick and then the keyboard player just goes off. it was crazy. keep up the good work.
I like everything besides the improv section. I feel like there needs to be more interaction and syncopation with the band and drummer and you guys need to listen more to each others playing. It just sounds like you guys were stepping on each others toes the whole time. I would practice improvising as a band and planning cues regarding each instrument's solo. Or just go with flow. As long as you're recording, play it back and discuss what you can do better as a band.

Other than that, it was very good and sounded original.

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