Not that there aren't enough threads about this already, but i wanted outside opinions. im looking for a new guitar suitable for metal. i like both these guitars.

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR

Jackson DK2M

Any opinions?
i prefer jacksons but you should try them...or have you already?
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i tried the schecter and thought it played like a charm. but this dinky caught my eye and i have yet to play it.
The jackson. EMG's are garbage, thats my opinion.
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Schecter for sure. But get the c-1 Blackjack ATX FR(Active Blackouts) instead of the Hellraiser. they cost the same
jackson, hands down
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schecter has a neck that's a bit thicker than the jackson's. decide what you like best. personally i lean towards the schecter coz it has EMGs, which are great for metal, but that's just me.
schecter cause its got the EMGs which are awesooooome.

but u should choose whatever feels good to you when u play it.
That's why I got a B.C. Rich instead of a Washburn.
Depends on your style. These two guitars are pretty much the same quality, but have different purposes. The Schecter is good for metal, but that Jackson's a bit more versatile. I can't decide for you, TS, so go out and try both.
Call me Jack.
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I personally think the Jackson does metal better as well as other genres.
The jackson i reckon, im getting bored of the Schecters now haha :S

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Usually I would choose anything over a schecter but I love the C1-FR.
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the jackson but as you see i'm a bit biased towards jacksons
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