On my profile are some of my first songs. Relapse (influenced mostly by late-era Oasis) is a simple demo recorded in my living room (the lead guitarist and pianist haven't quite got it yet), and there's the piano backing track for an untitled song (influenced by late 60s/early 70s piano ballads). In their finished forms, I would add vocals, another electric guitar, bass and drums. The lyrics are posted as well.

I would really appreciate feedback on music and lyrics, so could any interested parties take a listen?
I think I'm doing pretty well for a 15-year-old with a wife and a baby!
I listened to relapse and I really enjoyed it. It was obvious, like you say, that the pianist hadn't quite nailed it yet as he had a few timing issues, but you can tell with a little practice it'll be great. The lead was quite good, I would have put some more bends in there just to give it a little more emotion. That riff was somewhat rigid, I think bends will improve it a lot. The lyrics look excellent. Overall it seems to be a really good tune with lots of potential!

Hope that helps and cheers for the feedback in my thread.
It a good song. But terrible quality! You need to defintely get this recorded properly, would love to hear it ^_^ notice alongside what Grimp mentioned, but also the guitar rhythm felt off as well towards the beginning? hitting the notes too late etc" cutting off the general flow imo. consider also of not just doing quick downstrokes but more slow, fluid strums as well. possibly reduce the measure a bit for the lead's sake as it just felt a bit cluttered up.

I agree with Night, crappy recording qulity, but thats easly fixed, I thought it was a well performed song with just a few minor mistakes, I would pratice it a bit more and get some better recording equipement and I think you'll be set on a great song.