Or I think that they're playing jazz-fusion. I found these guys on these forums I think like nine months ago, but I forgot their name and I've just spent an hour looking for them on the web but without succes.

The band consists of four guys, Japanese, drums, organ, and double bass, they're pretty new I think, only having released two albums pretty recently. The song I liked best, and might also have been their most famous one, had a videoclip which was shot against an orange background and featured a dancing elephant(even multiple ). I hope this rings a bell for anyone.

Thanks in advance!
The band name is Special Others. The music video is here:


Been looking for this band for like 3-years since I forgot about it after my brother introduced it to me. I tried googling it and came across this thread and was super prepared to get see an immediate response. XD No avail. :P