Its another work, i make it today so check this out. Thats a shoort metalcore track.

I dont have so much time to write songs, so i do short stuffs like my other works..

Sorry i wont make the drums cus i cant really hear that, my Audio Card is bad .. x ]

So, check this out people; greats!
work 3 - Gp4.gp4
work 3.gp5
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
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It sounds way too familiar at about 7-10. It was alright though.

Try taking the tempo to about 120, it would sound better IMO.
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Thanks. Yep, so generic .. but its a simple metalcore short track, i like that so i would see to make more..

Okay, i wil check this out.
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
Intro was great. Loved that Lead guitar. 7-10 though sounded strangely almost exactly like Unholy Confessions... 11-12 was nice, but the guitar was pretty annoying. 13-16 was a little generic. Outro was great too. Pretty short though...
i agree the tempo needs to be faster.
i like the outro, although i think it would be better for a breakdown instead