yeah everytime i play warcraft on my 05 imac g5 the fan starts getting really loud, then like a half hour it slows down again, anyway i can fix this? im not too computer savy.
My mac does that too, I wouldn't think there was a way to fix it without hurting the computer
Macs aren't the best for playing games. The fan probably just has to work a lot.

Mac is usually better for working, like imaging programs, text programs etc.

If you wanna run games decently, get a PC with windows XP.
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buy a new mac
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I would guess that a part of your Mac is getting hotter than it usually does, and therefore the fan is working harder to keep the component cool. The fact that it slows down after about half an hour is odd though, you'd think that if it was an overheating component it'd keep going to keep it cool...

My advice: play games on a PC. It's generally better than using a Mac. If however you understandably don't want to go and buy a whole new computer, I'd say take your Mac down to your local Mac shop and get them to have a look at it.
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it used to play fine when i first got wc3 but about six months ago it started doing this. it does it even when i play chess. and yeah i turned all the graphics way down on it.
Make sure both the game and the Mac are fully updated. Apple occasionally releases drivers for the fans, which would help.

Macs are fine for gaming, I play Red Alert 3 and C&C 3 on my macbook all the time.

edit: make sure nothing is blocking the fans. that would definitely cause it to get hot.
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that is just the fan cooling the computer down. its completely normal. WoW is a very taxing game and the computer gets hot. the fan turning on is just it coolings itself down to stay at maximum performance. there's nothing wrong it, it's doing what it's supposed to do. if it only started doing this recently it's possible that maybe there is dust in the fan compartment preventing it from losing heat fast enough. what you should do is go out and get a can of compressed air cleaner. spray it in the fan compartment and it should clear out some of the dust.

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it is just working though... it isn't broken. It's just doin' its thang nawwa am sayn?
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it is just working though... it isn't broken. It's just doin' its thang nawwa am sayn?

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