I need a new electric guitar (upgrade from squier strat pack) and I have limited amount of money ( < $800) however I do have a 15w fender pro junior tube amp, so I dont think the amp is a problem, but I would prefer a guitar that pairs nicely with that amp. I play mostly rock, some examples of what I play/my influences/what I listen to would be Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Incubus, Eric Clapton, Stone Temple Pilots, Lynard Skynard. Basically alt rock, southern rock, punk rock, stuff like that. I know going and playing at the store is the best prescription, but what suggestions do you people have on what to look at before I do that? Thanks.
Just remember that 80% of the tone comes from the amp. What's wrong with your gear? Do you not like how the guitar plays, or is it the sound thats just wrong? If its the second one, you'll be looking for a new amp.
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Its not playing that bad, but I feel like its time for an upgrade, I guess I feel like I've outgrown the squier strat and need to move on to bigger and better things, and just see whats out there also. As far as my amp i feel like its pretty good, because its a 15w tube amp from a reputable brand (fender) and it sounds good. So as far as a guitar, what are some suggestions? I'm thinking I either want to go with a strat, an LP, or an SG and just keep it simple, but for my playing style (described above), and the kind of amp I have, I'm not sure which would fit best. Also the nearest guitar center is 2 hrs away, so if I want to go look at the gibsons and the strat side by side, I've got a considerable commute.
well i would personally recommend a fender mim fat strat (one of the most versatile guitars imo) with a pickup upgrade with your remaining cash.
Based on your taste, I think an SG or an LP would be best, but try as many guitars as you possibly can. Sometimes you end up finding something you wouldn't have otherwise if you only try the ones you think you want. That's how I got my Epiphone Dot, which has been my gigging guitar for over 4 years (although that will soon change when I get my Jazzmaster).