Hey guys. I'm trying to fix an SX standard series strat model for a friend, but I'm a bit stumped at the moment. Let me give you the details.

Basically, I was giving this friend a lesson last Monday at my place, and he was having problems with his guitar. He was getting hardly any volume out of it, and then it stopped working completely. Jiggled the lead, it seemed to come back a bit, but it still wasn't giving as much signal as it should be. So I thought, ok, let's try a different lead. Different lead, same result. Grabbed my church's spare strat which I'd brought home the night before to restring, plugged that it, and wow. Full volume, good sound, working fine. So I figured ok, must be something up with his guitar. Sent him off with the church's strat, and I hung onto his to open it up and have a look at it.

So, I stick it on my bench, pull all the strings off, undo the screws around the pickup holding thingy (I dunno what you call it) and lift it out. Have a look around, and all the wires are attached. I was expecting a loose or broken connection which I was just going to resolder. No such luck. So, I grab my mum's Ralph Denyer guitar handbook, and have a look at the guitar testing and troubleshooting section in that. It tells me to use a multimeter to check my pots. So I check the volume pot. Putting the probes on the outside lugs, I get a reading of 6.01K. That in itself is slightly suspicious, as apparently it should be around 5K, and anything past 6K or 4K probably means the pot needs replacing. So, next step: check the middle lug with the outer lugs. So, left lug and middle lug: I seem to be getting a 6K reading no matter which way I turn the volume knob. Strange, I think. Then I check the right lug and middle lug. This time, I'm getting readings that fluctuate between about 7K and 8K. Now, I've got no idea what that means. I'm pretty sure it's bad, but I don't know for certain. What do you guys think I should do? Just replace the pot? Open it and clean it? Something else entirely? I need help, I've never gone this far with fixing a guitar before.

Thanks in advance.
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Seeing as pots only cost like $2, why question replacing them?
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Quote by Jesstaa
Seeing as pots only cost like $2, why question replacing them?

Cause I told my friend I'd try and have his guitar fixed by tonight so I could give it back to him at church. If the pots need replacing, then I'ma have to buy them tomorrow in town, and he won't get his geetar back until he comes round to my place tomorrow for his lesson. Plus it involves pulling the old pot out and doing lots of fiddly stuff I'd rather avoid. That and I don't like wasting stuff, so if the pot works, I don't just wanna ditch it.
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have you re-soldered the input jack itself? i know on my low end SX strat that the input jack would often get loose and as a result the leads going to the jack would often come loose so that may be worth looking into.