Could people Crit my song 'Coma'. It's a Metalcore style song, I played guitar, screamed the lyrics and put it together. Sorry about the muffled vocals my mic is not the best. So please crit, any advice is welcome! The guitar parts are not that great but I've only been really learning since september (although I've had a guitar since april 2007)


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I was expecting a GNR Cover .....


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Alright, so Screaming was not screaming, sounded like you used a bad microphone to close to your mouth and spoke the words in as deep a voice as you could muster I suggest checking out some DVD's called "The Zen of Screaming" by a woman named Melissa Cross for proper technique when screaming. THE DVD's should be purchased at a respectable e-store such as amazon.com you should not PIRATE these dvd's like a bad micheal BAY movie.

As for Guitar your intro was out of time and the transition from what seemed to be intro-verse was sudden,rough and not at all pleasing to the ears.

I would suggest re-recording this song using a click track if at all possible and getting a better microphone after learning how to scream.

Keep it up though there were some good ideas in there.
Thanks for the advice, I Can scream better than on this song but it's night and I didn't want wake anyone up. I think I'll re-record this with better guitar parts and less muffled vocals.

Two years older or younger?
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Thank for the DVD suggestion I watched some clips on Youtube and I think that could really help my screaming, since I would rather be the vocalist than the guitar player.
2 years older, The DVD's really helped me alot with technique and it comes with a great warm up CD.