Another interesting piece i threw together.

Sometimes, life just isn't enough,
it drifts slower into this thing we humans call death,
insufficiency waiting for this time of ours to end,
so we all choose to make these moments on this planet different from one another.
who knows how many different people have been to one place for different reasons,
some running from the inevitable, some walking towards it willingly,
but as we notice the uncertain doom ahead of us,
we sometimes realize, that at least we got to live,
and sometimes, that's just enough.
decent ideas, not the best writing
it's awkward and it tries too hard in my opinion
I want Super Saiyan abilities
re read and do grammar checks
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I believe you're trying too hard to be poetic with this.

On top of that, you're telling me. Show me.
Promises meant a lot back then.