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Nature Lover
36 62%
City Slicker
22 38%
Voters: 58.
Do you consider yourself more of a nature kinda guy or a city kinda guy?

With me I really used to be into the city because I grew up there. But I've grown to sort of dislike it and love nature. I sort of grew to dislike the hectic aspect of it and I've never been big on going to parties or large get togethers, and cities are known for being very crowded at times, and I'm the type that likes relaxing with just a couple of friends. So after spending an entire week in houston last week around downtown for this college thing I really grew to dislike it even more. Plus I've been going to parks more, just enjoying the sites. And I mean c'mon, who'd rather be at a club on a saturday barely able to move because your squished between drunk people than be here:

That's the only time I've been to a national park (Yosemite) but that was probably the best day I've ever had.
It's difficult for me to choose, but I'd have to go with nature.

There's something to be said about the simple beauties of the outdoors.
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City, fa sho.


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I love livin' in the city

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I love livin' in the city
i like the nature more but i get bored of it quickly plus im born and raised in the city.
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I can relate TS. I've lived in a city my entire life, so I'm kind of tired of urban life. I would at least like to live in a smaller town for college where there is a surrounding forrest or something like that.
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This is where I went to a couple of weeks ago. The Gila Cliff Dwellings, it's pretty cool. The cave paintings are still preserved there and it is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture.
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Nature, definetly. I'm actually going camping tomorrow morning for a few days with a few friends.

And frying balls, really really hard.
Nature for sure. Being in a city/urban setting for more than a day bothers me.
Lol, I live an hour away from like 10 national parks. I love nature and I also love the buzz and convenience of the city.
a little lost.....
i love living in the city, but i also love going lost in the middle of nowhere with my friends. i love travelling around australia, so many forests and awesome natural stuff.
I love driving in both city and nature but if I gotta get outta the car, I love none.
Both. But then again, like someone up there said, that's what suburbia is for. I'm 20 minutes away from "cuture" (downtown), but I'm in walking distance to some forest and agriculture.
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I love nature. My only goal in life it to build a house out in a nice forested area. I just want to be alone away from the city.
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I'd love to have both. I love the city, there's always something to do, always somewhere to go, and always a show to go to. It could get overwhelming at times though and I love a nice relaxing day in nature, taking pictures and just laying out on the sun or stars. I'd like to live in a city close to nature.
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Nature is cool, but I'd really like to live in the city. (If there wasn't gang violence. I'ma pussy )
My back yard > city.

Already posted but I'm excited I just found some ancient pictures of my property, and I'm surprised by how little it's changed.
I live a 20 minute drive from anywhere worth going to. Hour and a half drive to boston. My town is and is in the middle of the woods, and also borders New Hampshire(which has many a mountains to climb and lakes to swim in), and there are plenty amazing sites to see all around my own town., I have both, yay me. but

I prefer the city because there's more people and it's fun to walk around in, especially with friends.
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I love the peace and solitude of nature. Being in a city can be fun, but I get sick of it pretty fast.
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city city city..nature is gross..i hate dirt and grass and getting dirty..but its so beautiful there a some things id like to see that id be willing to get a little bit dirty for..