Hi. I have an old crate amp that kicks ass in loudness. But If I have a multi effects pedal am I supposed to hook it directly into the speaker or into the amp? effects>amp>speaker Is how im currently setup. Would effects>speaker be better and how do I do this? Thanks
The multieffects will not have an amp to power your speakers. A guitar amp has three sections pre-amp (which controls volume, eq & gain), power amp (powers the speakers) & speakers.

Plugging your effects into the input of the amp will actually be like running it effects>pre-amp>amp>speaker. If your amp has an effects loop you could skip the pre-amp if you plugged the multieffects into the Return or the effects loop instead of the input, then it would be effects>amp>speakers. Your volume and eq would be strictly from the multieffects and the pre-amp will no longer color your sound.

If you wanted to try one other way, you could try what I think they call "The 4 cable method". This requires your amp to have an effects loop.
1. Plug your guitar into the amp input
2. Plug the Send of the effects loop into the input of your multieffects
3. Plug the output of your multieffects into the Return of the amps effect loop.
You'll be running your setup as guitar>pre-amp>multieffects>power amp>speakers.

You may also want to check the settings on your multieffects unit, most are made to run into the input of your amp and some can be set up to run through your effects loop.
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Wow thanks that was very helpful. I guess I need to find out if I have an effects loop. Theres two inputs on the front...one says "0 db" and the other says "-6db" Then theres a bunch of stuff on the back. 'ext', 'int' (which is occupied by a cable to my speaker), 'line in', 'line out', and 'foot sw'.
i'm debating whether i should help or not, because it's an easy answer, but i'm affraid that you might spend a lot of time sniffing paint, and therefore not understand what i say...

(1a) i seriously doubt your crate has an fx loop, but if it DOES your schem would look something like this:
guitar-->amp-->loop send-->fx-->loop return... speaker outputs only go to speakers.
(1b) if your amp DOES NOT have a loop: guitar-->fx-->amp... speaker outputs only go to speakers.
(2) the "-6db" input is your low-gain input. this is sometimes useful with active pickups or certain acoustic applications.
(3) "int" is your INTernal speaker, "ext" is EXTernal cab. "foot sw" is your footswitch, and "line in" / "line out" might correspond to return/send of a loop, although i've never seen it labled this way... could also mean "line out" to the mixer, as in DI capable, so i'd lay off it until someone who knows what they're doing has their own physical hands-on/eyes-on time with your rig.
(4) the "4 Cable Method" mentioned above is the correct way to use a loop... and by those of us who know what the **** is going on, it's known simply as "Using the Mother****ing FX Loop."
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