I'm getting a new guitar before going off to college, and after trying out a bunch of guitars the Jazzmaster stands out to me the most for it's versatility and playability. I was looking at Musicians Friend so I could order one and a problem arose. I was dead set on getting a '62 reissue but I scrolled all the way down just for the hell of it and saw the Elvis Costello signature model. Looking at the specs and all that, they seem to be pretty similar except for two distinct differences. One being the finish on the Costello (which I like) and the other being that the Costello has a wider tremolo bar. But the Costello is around $100 more then the '62, and there is no store within an hour drive (or maybe even the entire state) that has any Jazzmasters, so I can't compare. Is it worth spending the extra $100 on the Costello, or should I go with the '62?

The Elvis Costello Signature:http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Elvis-Costello-Signature-Jazzmaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=518686

The '62 Reissue:http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-62-Jazzmaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=510484
if you think that its worth it dude. imo i have to be nearly 100 percent with the aspects of the guitar before i get it, one of them being the finish. i do like the finish of the costello model so i would say that one. it really boils down to what you feel is best. to me 100 extra bucks isnt a big deal, seeing that the specs arent that much different. if you get it from musicians friend and you dont like it you can always return it and try out the 62 model.
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I'd definitely go with the Elvis Costello model as you pay only about an extra $100 when in return you get the finish, longer tremolo, deluxe gig bag and all that good ****.
i would assume that they are more or less identical apart from a few cosmetic things due to the similarities in price... basically it's up to you whether you want to pay extra for the finish or not.

i'm assuming you're aware of the many many problems associated with the jazzmaster bridge and already thinking of ways to sort it out?
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