is all the music FL? it sounds pretty good actually, i like it. this is one of my favourite michael jackson songs anyway.
Yeah its all fruity loopaged with different soundfonts etc. But I mixed it all in Cubase.
That's so cool! How did you mix that? The effects are terrific and the vocals are fantastic. Not much to say to the downside at all... reminds me of ozzy

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"You've Got to Belong To It"
Hahah cheers!
Yeah the band I an in cover 2 mins most gigs so that helped.
I dont mind being compared to Ozzy... So long as your referring to his studio stuff and not his live stuff hahah. He can be a bit of trainwreck vocally live. Great show though.
SFX were actually all just synths I played around with for painful amounts of tine in FruityLoops.
Great software to get people into midi without being midi geeks.

Cheers folks!