I need a good clean tube amp, something that will sound good with a range from Aerosmith all the way to Ambeint. But the price should be kinda low, less than $750. Thanks
I have a vox, but its WAY too heavy, i want something smaller and cause everywhere i play its all miked.
If used in an option, find a fender twin reverb. They go for less than 800 all the time.
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A Fender Blues JR. would be good, Blackheart Little giant or handsome devil, etc.

stuff like that.
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WOW! Thanks for all the help everyone, i am loving that blackstar, i have never herd of them before and it looks so awesome, thanks everyone.
Fender Blues Junior, although I don't know how much distortion you can get out of it when you get into the higher volumes, so you might need a pedal to get the amount of distortion you want.

Also, the Blackheart Little Giant is 5 watts OR it can be switched to 3 watts and you can get it as a half-stack for $350 (the extension cabinet is a 1x12), or as a combo amp for $250 (i think). I'm currently in the process of saving up for the half-stack. Once you get to about 11-12 oclock on the volume, you start getting a good amount of distortion, and all the way up it gets an AC/DC-type distortion, maybe a little more. Its ****ing loud, too, and I don't just mean for a 5 watter.
its loud. period.

Oh yes, forgot... You can get the Blackheart Handsome Devil (15 watts) as a combo amp for $350, if you wouldn't want to lug around a head and cabinet all the time (although I don't think a 5 watt head would be very heavy )
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