I need help with my guitar... Last year I made a custom les paul from a kit for school... I was rushed and my guitar came out really bad and I am planning to redo it from the start... I want to do a Tribal Band around the outside of the face of the guitar... And I was wondering what I should use to make a stencil of the design and how to keep it on the guitar itself... I have used masking tape and painters tape on it before and they both have become fused with the guitar itself.... It even happened with Paper so I was hoping maybe somebody out there has a suggestion for me... Any info Will be much appreciated...
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Is that really it??? That seems a little... Too Simple....

lol yeah. that's how you use painter's tape buddy. Don't wanna let the paint glue the tape on.
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yeah, it really is that simple man

it's just tape
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the hard part is not taking the tape off, but putting the tape on so that whatever your putting around the edge is a constant width all the way around