Sounding good, but heres a few tips:
- think about the notes your playing. Think of your phrases as vocal lines. Singing along to what you play can really help. If you practice it enough, you'll be playing along to what you sing.
- For the purpose of getting your phrasing sounding good, cut the widdly widdly and when its sounding better, bring it back in.
- Work on your intonation in your bends.
- Instead of picking every note, try some hammer on/pull off licks.
- Work on your vibrato, i.e make it smoother
- Most importantly, make sure the notes you play actually fit with the backing.
I know its not really your style, but check out some stuff by Derek Trucks. He is the phrasing master imho. Listen to how chooses every note so that it fits.

Hope that helps.
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