I listened to a buttload of Sublime for a week or two and wrote this song, finally finished it up a couple of days ago. My first shot at recording something of the groovier type rather than just metal, so let me know how it rolls. I know theres a few mistakes here and there but I decided not to be nazi about them for the first time in my life.
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Im not really into ska, so there's nothing much I can add to the composition. You should turn down the bass in the mix a bit, I think it's a little too dominant. The drums were really nice, I liked the reverb you used on them. Furthermore, I didn't really like the tone of the solo starting around 2:20, but that's just personal preference

Overall, nice song. 7/10
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i loved the bass line lol. drums didn't sound great. guitar was pretty boring. this was more on the reggae side than ska. ska has horns and is faster lol. the distorted guitar tone was kinda yucky...way too heavy for this music and also too loud. overall i think it has promise, i just didn't really like the heavy part and i think you need vocals and more instrumentation.
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sounds very sublime-ish i like them so thats a good thing. i like the loud bass line. and its not ska, its more reggae. ska is quick tempo using horns and the occasional saxophone. i like it the solo, but its too metal for the rest of the song. the distorted guitar seem too thick for that style also. lay down some vocals and you have a good song. keep up the good work. check out some of the songs in my profile.
sup man. Taking a listen. The bass riff is really quite cool and moody. Nice simple rhythm is cool, i like the groove overall.
-Only complaint a couple minutes in is that its pretty repetitive. It could use some nice 311-type vox.

Gonna be honest, not a huge fan of the distortion coming in. I thought the subtlety was nice, and you couldve taken the soft groove further. Looking past that, it still sounds good.
-the solo is pretty cool, tasteful.

the ending is pretty epic, now that im used to the heavy. The ending solo's are quite busy and i cant really hear whats going on. but it sounds cool none the less. Nice job =]

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thanks, nick