I can sing while I play. I have the coordination adn skills as long as the guitar part isn't super complex.

However, I don't have the best of voices. I know this; but what I've been told is "everyone can find a place where there voice will work; as long as they can hold a note and there voice doesn't squeak. Hell, look at Dylan." I can believe this. However, i'm really struggling to find a place. I record myself sometimes (deleted immediately so there isn't an evidence ); and there are parts where I actually don't sound bad at all... and other parts where it sounds like a dying walrus being raped by an elephant with syphilis.

So, any suggestions about methods for finding places where your voice fits well? This being the acoustic section I figured you guys might have some tips to matching voice to guitar and stuff.

um go through the chords in a given key and try to sing or hum them and be on pitch? if you have a deeper voice tune down a halfstep like SRV and hendrix. Or if you have a higher voice capo and play that way.
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its not so much the key as my voice just isn't a "standard" singing voice. It doesn't really fit the way most songs are sung. So, for instance, I just learned a Flogging Molly song; however my voice doesn't carry like the way his does in teh song... so I'm looking for tips on how to adjust songs for my voice... or adjust my voice for different songs.

That type of thing. I understand that I need to be in a key within my vocal range; or all will go horribly awry. But even when I'm in a proper key; sometimes things sound bad... even if I hit the right note. That type of thing.
if your voice isn't a typical singing voice, why not sing atypically? create your own style - one that works for your voice. i was the vocalist for a horror punk band, and the style was nothing like my voice. the parts that really didn't work with my voice i didn't exactly sing - i sort of talked them in as low a register as i could in a singsong-y way and it worked out great.