Hey, at the moment i have a Marshall MG10CD which iv had for about a year and a half and a Zoom G2 which iv had for about a year, i am looking to upgrade because i have a guitar that is a lot better than my other gear, a Fender Telecaster 72 Deluxe just wondering what amp and effects could i get, i have around £350 ($570) i play mostly rock and punk rock and a bit of classic rock (Green Day, Muse, Sum 41, Led Zeppelin) looking for one i could gig with, could possibly get some more money if i sold some of my old stuff probably the Zoom G2 and my Schecter any suggestions ?


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blackstar ht-5. bloody awesome.

i think it could be gigged if it was mic'd

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Excuse me, did you call Green Day, Muse and Sum 41 classic rock?

Prepare the flame shield -_-

Anyway, Bugera could suit your needs.
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No i wrote Punk Rock and Rock next it zeppelin the classic rock and ill check out the blackstar
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Laney seems a but expensive
would a peavey vypyr 30 be better than MG30?
any good fender amps around 25watt for under £250?
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blackstar ht-5. bloody awesome.


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i think it could be gigged if it was mic'd


Any amp can be gigged with if mic'd.

Unmic'd the Blackstar can just be heard over drums on the overdrive channel, so it is possible. A boost would be needed for the clean channel to get close imo. I reckon it could be done.

Great amps though, definately look into them.
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