What I am talking about are songs that almost paralyze you. When you are listening to it, you can't move, and you just sit there and listen in amazement. And when the song is over, you can't even move and stare into nothing.
For me, that's Too Many Humans by Buckethead. Once he hits that last note of the song, it sends shivers throughout my whole body and I'm astonished. It's simply the most amazing instrumental I've ever heard.


Anyone else? Post other songs that are amazingly amazing to you.
ghost love score - nightwish
crucify my love - x japan
endless rain - x japan
Teck Mecks - Killer 7

Possibly my favourate song of all time.Its just amazing.The solo makes me cum.Also my favourate video game o0f all time.
The other side of the mountain - final fantasy 7.
kyuss - whitewater, space cadet, freedom run
tool - reflection, the grudge
orange goblin - time travelling blues
soundgarden - slaves and bulldozers, 4th of july
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Stevie's Spanking-Frank Zappa. Watching Frank and Vai trade those gorgeous solos for the first time and listening to them was pure music pornography
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ghost love score - nightwish
crucify my love - x japan
endless rain - x japan

Also, Art Of Life by X Japan, 30 minutes of pure joy
Mono by Fightstar
A Nightmare to Remember by Dream Theater
Dig by Incubus
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Marty Friedman's solo in Tornado of Souls.

Solo - 3:08

I never get tired of it, I completely zone out of everything. Ask my friends, at school, I'll be standing around talking with my iPod on in one ear, then all of a sudden I'll space out for that minute of complete bliss..
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Helloween - Halloween, I Want Out, The King for a 1000 Years
Kiss - Shock Me, Detroit Rock City, Strutter, Black Diamond, Let Me Go Rock & Roll
Sonata Arctica - FullMoon, Sing In Silence, Don't Say A Word, The Cage
Stratovarius - Twilight Symphony, The Kiss of Judas, Father Time, Speed of Light, Hunting High And Low, Black Diamond
Pantera - Cemetery Gates
Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due, Ashes in your mouth, A Tout Le Monde, Tornado of Souls
Gamma Ray - Send Me A Sign, Into The Storm, Heavy Metal Universe