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i wanna ask this... since gibsons are not available with APH-1 and pearly gates i have decided to buy a gibson and thn the buckers seprately. Can you guys suggest me a good gibson to buy for the APH-1 in neck position and Pearly gates in bridge thanx alot guys you'll have been a REALLY big help uptill now !!!
What's your budget?

If you're looking for a cheapish unchambered one, maybe go for the Traditional.

EDIT: It isn't fully solid, but it's weight relieved, meaning that it has a few holes cut in to reduce weight. Cheaper than a Standard as well IIRC.
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and i like weight of the guitar it makes it feel like its there >.< !!! so yes i like weighty guitars :P
Then if you have your eyes set on a Gibson, get a Traditional, or a Traditional Pro or something I dunno.

Or, you could even get a VOS Custom shop or something. Go ahead and play as many guitars as you can to see which ones you like most.
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Bro am not in the states >.< i'lll have to ship my gibson and pups thats why am asking >.<
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Bro am not in the states >.< i'lll have to ship my gibson and pups thats why am asking >.<

which country are you in?
right now am in india and am staying for a couple of years cause of problems..... so am gonna ask my relatives who are in L.A. to get it for me. But i need to know what gibson is good for those pups and also i will be buying them online so any links would be helpful right now zzsounds and musicansfriend is on my mind
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good luck finding one..
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jesus christ how old are you? asking something like that i would guess you're not even fifteen yet. please leave and never come back :]
I'm guessing you're pretty young... Why buy a guitar that costs 10 times as much as the pickups for the sake of having a guitar to put the pickups in? You might as well just get an Epiphone Les Paul and replace the pickups, seeing as the hardware is all good on those.

Seriously, kid...
APH-1s need lightweight, resonant, open sounding guitars, if you have a guitar thats too dark or sounds too focused an APH-1 neck is not going to sound very good.
I'd completely disagree with that. The Alnico II Pro pickups are fine for thicker-toned instruments.

The problem is they need a very specific rig to sound at all good. The amp in particular is absolutely crucial. The whole point of Alnico II Pro pickups is they're very low output and have even, clear tone with a high resonant peak, which lets the natural tone of the amp dictate everything. This means to get a good tone from them you need to have both a professional-quality amplifier and you have to really know how to set everything up just right.

Of course the vast, vast majority of people on here don't have an amp anywhere near good enough to get any use from APH's. So most people on U-G should avoid them like the plague; really they're a specialist pickup, and if you have to ask about them then you're not someone who needs them.

Additionally, buying a guitar for the sake of having something to put pickups in is completely stupid, especially when one of the pickups you want to use is so similar to the stock pickup of the guitar. The speciality Alnico II Pro we've already covered as being almost certainly entirely inappropriate, and the Pearly Gates really isn't that different to any of the stock pickups Gibson use anyway.
Not to mention, aside from specialist pickups like the Alnico II, active pickups or pole piece design pickups, your amp makes far more difference to your tone than your pickups do.

Lastly, a Gibson with a maple fretboard? The only one I know of is the Raw Power LPs and SGs, and they're all maple which gives a very different tone than any other usual LP or SG.
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