Why hello.I an am intermediate player.I can play songs like Crystal mountain by death ,hammer smashed face by cannibal corpse, and holy martyr by Iced earth.However I have never really tried to play any solos from songs as I tend to just make up my own instead.Can anyone please reccomend some good solos that aren't really difficult.Any help would be much appreciated.I listen to stuff like Death and thrash metal and grindcore but I will play anything really as long as it isnt Emo or deathcore.And PLEASE don't report me.The last thread I made was reported for absoloutly NO reason from someone who had nothing better to do.Check it out on my proflile if you can.Thank you.
If you haven't learnt any solo's then how do you improvise?

try using your ears and listening to what sounds good then learning it, no good asking people for you too listen to it and dislike it.

its called finding your own sound