I wrote these lyrics a couple months back. I kinda just started writing, got into a tangent and didn't stop.

Dreary eyes,
tell me what do you see?
Or is your world
too clouded and hazy?
Your surroundings are buzzing,
and becoming a blur
Just take another hit
let it fill your lungs.
Breathe in deep
as though it were your last.
Just another shot
last to kill the bottle.
Can you hold yourself
or will you fall?
Look me in the face
can you tell me my name?

So here are these letters i wrote to you
postmarked 6 months ago, unopened or viewed.
How long has it been since i've seen the true you?
Instead of this goofy half grin
and glazed over eyes.
Do you remember the stories we told
or the places we'd go?
How we'd laugh and roll in the grass
Enamored by the twilight
searching for our escape.

Your voice has become so dead and mechanical.
Your vice is your ventriloquist
and you're nothing but a puppet to its control.
So if you ever see these letters
Don't mind the coffee stains there's not much that kept me waiting up on you.
Or the constant scratch outs and curses which are nothing but a mask for my confusion
and frustration.

So when you finally come to
I hope your dreary eyes soon see what's been left for you.
A broken and chaotic mess with me nowhere to be found.
So i guess this is goodbye
goodbye my little puppet.
If I don't meet you no more in this world, I'll meet you in the next one and dont be late.

JWU Baking and Pastry '13