I bought a wah pedal, jim dunlop original crybaby, and I tried to play Voodoo Child but I doesn't sound right because I can't time when I have to press the pedal down or up.

Does anybody have any tips or easier songs to learn to control my wah?

play without a wah and tap your foot to the beat of the song.then play with a wah under your foot so when u tap your toe u rock the wah

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Guns N' Roses songs usually have wah involved, especially in solos. The easiest would be Mr. Brownstone. Also alot of Metallica's solos from the Black Album are easy and use a lot of wah.
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This is going to sound really dumb to you probably, but you'll learn how. Once you play around with the wah for a week or so you'll just be able to sense where it's all at in different positions. Now, listening to Voodoo Child would help too and playing it will too of course. Eventually the beat will come to you through a little practice and getting to know the pedal and it should be really easy.
Haha, i bought a dunlop cry baby about 2 months ago, seriously only used it like 5 times only cuz it just sounded mostly ****ty. Gonna have another bash at it now
You have to spend time with it, it's the movement that creates the effect as opposed to where the pedal is, so if you want a note to "waaaah" you have to sweep the pedal from back to front for the duration of that note, if you want it to "wow" you have to start with the pedal back, rock it forward and then back once whilst playing that note,
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So basicly I have to practice a lot with it and hear for myself? So any of you guys know other songs where the wah is used throughout the whole song like in Voodoo Child?
Rainy Day dream away by hendrix it has the most awesome Wah-ness that hendrix did probably. Listen to the way he'll use it to emphasis bent up notes to give them a load of impact and "wail"

Also funkadelic "Red Hot mama" and much of Funkadelic has good Wah-ness.