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Hey guys,
well I've got some inspiration today and started a new acoustic song.
Well, I find it's got a pretty cool intro , and i'm content with the rhythm and verse.
but I have no real idea how to go on .. if you got some IDeas it would be awesome!
WEll .. I know some strumming parts would fit but I know a **** about music theory
and so I never find something that sounds good.

C4C of course dudes.
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I like the beginning, it creates a lullaby type feel, and the rhythm fits, but quickly gets old. Instead of having the lead guitar go along with the rhythm, it might sound good to have an electric guitar come in and provide some melodies or something. If I can find a song I partially wrote I'll show you what I mean...

J-Edit: Here's the piece I was talking about. You'll see that during the first pre-chorus and chorus, I just have the chords playing to the rhythm I chose, but during the second pre-chorus and chorus, the bass picks up, and then the lead starts playing a melody to keep the song somewhat fresh.

Just don't give up man.

Oh and do you think you could critique some of my stuff for me?

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The intro is a little boring. I think the song should start with the rhythm guitar and lead together. I didn't really like the ending, stretching the song.
C4C? My pieces (I hope)
And Jbridge, I found your piece quite enjoyable, a little too Major for me, but that's just me. And it's weird that it stopped so abruptly.
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hm thx alot.
well as i said it is hard for me to create a suitable and good-sounding melody.
it just depends on luck xD.
eehm .. this piece is not done in any ways, i will do some bass lines later on, thats just the basic idea.
I will work on it definitely.
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without the rhythm it sounded so random..like the notes didnt fit...but then once the rhythm came in i was surprised at how well they did
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I think around the verse you should layer the guitars into doing different things but in the same key to add to the depth and dynamics. There isn't really anything there to signify when its changing. Some slight build ups would help a bit. Needs some variety imo.