Hey I'm fairly new to guitar pro and heard there is a way to get real effect sounds on it to make it sounds like real instruments.

Does anyone know? I apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum I am pretty new to this forum as well.
It should be with your package that you bought.... or downloaded. lol.

To be honest, they sound nothing like real instruments. The overdriven guitar sounds like bird calls from hell. Save yourself the disapointment and just keep the RSE off.
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Yeah, the RSE is utter rubbish. You can't distinguish what notes the muddy as hell guitar is playing, and the drums go off-time and are terribly done (loud, irritating cymbals, inaudible bass drum, snare that sounds like hitting a piece of tinfoil). Don't bother.
I had it, then uninstalled it. Not worth the space, and it tended to lag about halfway through if there were too many things going at once, at least on my laptop