im new to acoustic and finger picking and all that so i was wondering something. I have heard that your pretty much supposed to have one finger for each string so the thumb for both e and a then index for the d middle for the g ring for the b and the pinky for the e. If this is correct than how would i go about playing multiple notes on one string?
should i just the finger that's assigned to that string or would i use another finger to help if so which one?
Well, there isn't really any one "correct" style imo. I actually vary how I finger pick depending on the situation, but that just comes from reflex and you'll build up your own technique.

However, most people start using the thumb for the three bass strings: E, A, D. Then use your index for G, middle for B, and ring for the high E. I really don't know anyone who uses their pinky but you might find some crazy classical guitarist that does but its not the norm.

EDIT: Oh, and if you mean like playing fast notes on one string (ex part of the "triplet" rhythm in Asurtias (Leyenda)) then you would use more than one finger on the same string. That goes back to how I said you'll build up your own technique on how to approach things like that. That's getting into more advanced finger picking however.
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I generally use the thumb for the E, A and D strings; then index, middle and ring for the others.

It's usually easiest not to think too much about it.
In classical fingerpicking, the pinky is never used. The thumb is used for the E, A, and D strings, and then the index finger is used for G, middle for B, and ring for high e.
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Id suggest starting out using the thumb for the E, A, and D, and the index finger for G, middle for B, and your ring for the high e.

But when you get fluent at fingerpicking, you're going to start changing your fingerpicking technique according to what your playing.

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I play Classical, and I use the Thumb for E, A and D (Sometimes G, depends on the situation), and usually alternate between Index and Middle for the others.
Edit: I sometimes use the ring finger. Depends. Hard to explain.
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