Of course I wrote this for a girl, but it seemed to be lacking something of extravagance.

Hello Ping-pong Delay!

...And that's as far as I could think before just publishing it. It's just missing something to keep people rooted, but I don't know what it is.

Any and all criticism welcomed.

"Love in Stereo"
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Cool song!

You feel it's "laking extravagance"? Maybe U2-style singing? You've already got the delay! :P
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I do believe you just used Blink 182 and hard rock in the same sentence. It would seem you're rather confused.
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Yes, the vocal parts do have me thinking considerably, but I know of little to compliment such a song.

I will definitely look into "U2 style" vocals.

And anything more?
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Dude this song is trippy! I love it man, good stuff my fav part is from 1:00 to 1:30. That would be a song that def needs spacey type vocals to it and it owuld be perfect musically tho great stuff good job

crit my rough draft of my song?

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