Me and my friends were hanging out and just jamming on my acoustic and I got to thinking: what are some good song to play on the acoustic?

Ive come up with Santeria by Sublime and thats pretty much it

any genres are excepted
Floyd & Beatles.
Eva Cassidy.

Make a normal song into an acoustic version!
It's more rewarding, too.
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One of my favorites for jamming with friends is "Black Magic Woman"

The chord progression is easy, and its in D dorian mode...so people just all play chords on acoustic, and then you all one at a time solo through it . It's a really good tune to just mess with.

EDIT: Wait, when you say "Jamming out with friends", do you mean they all have guitars and everyone is playing together and jamming with one another, or do you mean they are all watching you play solo?
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