Hey guys I'm new here and I'd like to show you some of my songs
But first, sorry for my bad English :P
The videos are avaiable on YouTube, I don't know if I shall post the guitar pro tabs, because I'm afraid that somebody could steal my songs =(

/Edit: GP Files added, sorry for beeing a douchebag

/Edit2: GP File of Angel added, my favorite song of our band. Written for my love :P

So I hope you like it ^^ :
Heaven Will Fall - What belongs to you

Heaven Will Fall - Serenity of my heart

Every song was made 100 percent by myself for our band "Heaven Will Fall".
Enjoy ^^
What belongs to you.gp5
Serenity of my heart.gp4
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Steal your songs? Why would we do that? And you could show this thread as proof, and you have videos of it...
Oh ok.. well I believe in the dark side ..
Well I'm going to add the guitar pro files now..
Have fun every1
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sounds good, by any chance are you a fan of bfmv?

Do you know it from my avatar?
Yeah I'm a big fan of bullet ^^