I want to completely wipe my laptop, as if it were brand new. It has just gotten cluttered with useless programs and is running slowly. My hard drive is nearly full of stuff I never use. Any programs I actually use, I remember, and will reinstall afterwards.

I think my computer has a built-in formatting tool, I'm just asking the pit if this is a safe thing to do.
I do this from time to time. It's usually once or twice a year, at least. It seems to do a pretty good job with the performance, but reloading everything is a bitch.

Be sure to use DVD disks to back up any data/music/videos/etc you want to keep, though.
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Well, I know about drivers, but not the ones specifically for this computer. I bought it because it was cheap and I needed a laptop for travel. I know my main computer backwards and forwards. It's slightly over a year old, and I haven't changed any of the parts.
of course its safe as long as u get all ur stuff u still want off of it. and if u use ur comps built in backup thing, ull still get all the clutter they gave u when u first bought it. use a windows disc for a CLEAN install.

as for drivers, u should be able to download them or order a disc from the manufacturer.
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Okay, I'll try to find the clean install discs. They're buried somewhere with all my other computer stuff, but I'm sure I can find 'em.