Im a huge GNR fan, but its wrong for me to prefer Chinese Democracy?

Its a kick ass album with atleast six brilliant songs.

Why is there so much hate? Cause Axl is the only one left???

Im no troll, im being completely hounest.
dude bacause slash was a way better guitarist and this is a guitar site
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No, but it is a crime to talk about Guns N' Roses in the wrong forum, especially after an almost identical thread was closed. You should discuss this in the Guns N' Roses thread.
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Its lame.
if by "the new guns n roses" you are referring to "the axl rose band" then yes
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It's not a crime to like the album. The problem is that the new album no longer sounds anything like the old GNR. And with only one original member, Axl is pretty much singing for a new band and getting publicity from the GNR name.

The album was sub-par at best.

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I'm a huge GNR fan too. Personally I don't like the new album, but I respect how much work Axl and the new guys put into it. I thought Axl sounded great but many of the classic GNR fans agree that the sound is to overproduced and don't like Axl for keeping the name when it is essentially him, Dizzy and a bunch of new guys. Listen to what you think sounds good because thats all that matters.
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No its not why would it be? While I perfere the older GNR I do like a couple songs off the new album. I gotta try and listen to it again though.
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It's no crime like any album from any band more than the last . but its not even Gun's and Roses anymore, its the "AXL Rose Show" lol. He should honestly at least try and be creative and think up a new band name though.