I recently picked up an Apple MacBook Pro a few weeks ago, and have been meesing around with GarageBand. I'm wondering what is the best way to connect a guitar to record with? I currently have a Pod XT to use to connect to the usb. Would an adapter be better that would allow me to plug directly to the line in of the pc? I have seen cords that have one end a plug that goes to the guitar, and the other end is a smaller plug for a line in possibility.

I also have an acoustic guitar that has a pickup on it as well. I'm also wondering about hooking that up the same way (with the Pod, a line in) or if it would be better to use a usb microphone.

These are some of the options I was looking at-
iMic - to connect into usb post (with the correct cable of course)
SnowBall - usb microphone

Thanks for any info, it is greatly appreciated.
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To be honest, line in is bad. The output for sound (headphone jack) is good quality, but getting sound into your computer through the line in doesn't have that great quailty. USB is much better. For recording guitars, I usually put a nice dynamic mic in front of the amp, and run that into a mixer, then output the signal into an mbox or any audio interface, then into the program.