The finale. On a quick sidenote, if you've been watching the news, you'll have seen the fire in a pub in Edinburgh. This is actually set on that road. If you look at the pictures, you'll see a green bridge in the background. This is all set on the other side of that bridge where as of a couple of weeks ago I used to live.

As he carries me back to the building as if I were a runaway child,
I can't help but feel a little confused. First, I see him
with the woman on the stairwell, covered in blood and ****,
then he chases me through my bedroom and forces me to jump
ten feet to the ground, then he cuts the electricity, chases me
through dead people and throws a headstone at me,
all the while pleading for help. This is weird. I don't like weird.

After reaching the front door, he props me back on my feet
and looks at me, at the lock, at me again. He motions is head.
Sighing, I fish the keys from my back pocket - boy, that was lucky -
and put the key into the lock. I stop, and Ajax stops.
I hear a bizarre noise, like the sounds from a butchers
as the blood-soaked cloak-wearing man with the funny white hat
slices through the leg of a cow with a ridiculously huge knife.
Then the sounds disappears and is replaced by gurgling.
Ajax screams, slams the door open, knocking me to the ground while he's at it,
and races cumbersomely to the woman as the small boy leaps from the broken window.

Gingerly getting to my feet, I catch a brief glimpse of the boy.
He appeared to have light hair as it didn't quite blend in with the darkness,
and he was quite spritely, leaping through the missing glass effortlessly.
I walk over to the now mourning Ajax. He screams to high heaven
as he cradles the corpse like a newborn. I crouch next to him,
feeling sympathy now to a man I once felt fear toward.
That fear now lay on the shoulders of the child who jumped
from a fifteen-foot high window after slicing a woman's throat.
I ask Ajax who she is. "She was my God. Now her light has gone.
He was right, Nietzsche was right. He was right. He was right."

Feeling all the more sorry for him, I run up the stairs
taking two at a time and peer through the window.
There is a mattress in the garden with a ladder lying next to it.
I look back at Ajax who is also watching me, tears clinging to his cheek.
I beckon him to me, and when he does so, I jump from the window,
lying on my back atop the mattress. I move out the way and Ajax follows.
A light appears from our left, so we jump the walls toward it.

We're over the last wall. Now a street which goes downhill slightly
guarded on both sides by four-story buildings. The light comes from round the corner.
We sprint there and cross the road. At the edge of the park
I stop and stare in awe and horror. Ajax keeps going until he realises I'm immobile.
I can see him turn toward me in my peripheral vision,
but my focus is entirely on the scene before me. A bonfire of bodies
at the far end. Between it and me, hundreds of children,
all identical to the one which murdered Ajax's God,
facing me, watching me, smiling at me.
And between them and the bonfire, three huge men,
larger even than Ajax. The one in the middle
turns to the bonfire, turns back to face me,
claps his hands once, and the bonfire goes out
as the children charge.