well, other than having a good Pinch harmonic technique. its in the strings.
dimebag reds are good(hard to find). they are harder to do a PH, but when u do one it squeals LOUD.
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shanchett, you get an E for Effort

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For the E and A strings, you honestly don't really need the aid of your thumb, if you hit the harmonic cleanly, you should be able to vibrato it and it'd come out cleanly, the 3rd fret is probably the best practice spot.

Yes, poop.
I find it hardest on the high pitch e string. Tips?
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practice and find the sweet spot. gotta move your thumb off right when you hit the string.
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make certain the pickups are bright in some form. at least on my guitars, it is easiest to get the sound from bright pickups (i dont have $200+ for EMGs or SD blackouts, so...) and the thinner string can be easier, you really have to pluck the heavier strings, or at least until you really realize exactly how it works best for you
well the E and A strings are the hard of the 6 to make squeal.

but honestly all you can do is practice
what you do is practice with out an amp until you can actually here the higher harmonic
when you can hit it everytime you try you have it down

but listen to APAK move along the string to find the sweet spots (Nodes i believe) where the harmonics get picked up easier.

Drool Mouse also has a very goodd point certain pickups make pinches come out easier like an SD Dimebucker there squeals are crazy esspecialy compared to stock pickups but i wouldnt change pickups for squealies alone just get the technique down
it all comes down to technique. Once you have it, all of your pinch harmonics will scream on the low strings
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well the E and A strings are the hard of the 6 to make squeal.

I find the low E the easist by far and the A almost impossible.
I can hit a pinch pretty easy on any string now. Practicing on a single coil strat forced me to get pretty good at it.
try placing your ring finger on the string at the same time picking it. sounds pretty gnarly. especially on the lower E, and A strings
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