Me and my brother recorded these two with guitars, bass, and a drum machine, we're going to be going to a studio soon to work on actual versions of them, we just recently started screwing around with them and we need some info on what people think of them. They are JUST DEMO's, basically just trying to get an idea of what to do before going into a studio, most of this was done in one take. Thanks for the help guys.



The Tasty one has some weird solo things my brother decided to mess around with, I think they could be good if worked on for the studio. Oh and I know the drums to Off The Rails sounds fake, I am going to be recording real drums for the studio one, just was looking for something to base my recordings off of really fast.
Oh and on another note there are lyrics written for them, just can't do vocals without the quality being ****, so have to wait for the studio for that too. Thanks for anyone who takes a look.
Make sure to tune your guitar before recording, mostly for Tasty.
I prefer Off The Rails, keep it up!

The guitars are in tune, I think your just hearing some bad out of tune notes Thanks for the crit though. Anyone have any more comments? Crit for Crit?
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