I feel this may be too cliched/cheesy so i wanted folks opinions that hopefully wouldnt mock me too much......

Im slipping down a path of anger and hate,
Sh*t this life seems just so f**king great,
At what point did the relationship stumble and break
Your pit deepened and deepened, turning into a right jake.

Its at a stage now its just too damn late,
You had it all all tossed it away,
Was it not enough, Would you blame it on fate?
Its tearing me apart, youve hurt so many and gained f**k all anyway

I dont know what the swearing situation is on these forums so if i've broke rules i apologise mod man.

Well that was it so far, so give me your opinions thanks

When you are past the stage of noob, you then become a geek.....

Epiphones are the way forward! <3
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Its a good start but knowing the genre of music your writing for would help. Also, what does "turning into a right jake" mean?
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I am not a regular in the lyrics forum but I think you should repost the thread with the title of the song as the thread title, otherwise some people might report you.

BTW, when you say "turned into a right jake", do you mean jake as the water container?

Otherwise, it is great . It would help if the genre is known as well.
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Its a rock song,

And the turning into a right jake is scottish slang for alcoholic btw:L

Thanks for the opinions aswell folks
When you are past the stage of noob, you then become a geek.....

Epiphones are the way forward! <3