So I lied. I'm off tomorrow and there's no way I'm continuing this series once I'm back (I'll have far too many ranty travel diaries to post; S&L you're in luck), thus this gets posted now. This is absolutely not perfect and absolutely has flow issues and is absolutely nothing at all. But this is what I've been needing to write, and now it's all gone. See you guys in six weeks.

The cool air creeps through my midnight streets
but I'm on watch and waiting;
I'm hiding in your buildings,
chilling in your gardens,
clinging to your lampposts
and clicking across your carparks;
I am a ghost, camouflaged in the overgrowth
and on patrol as soon as the sun lets down its guard,
leaving me caged by weaker stars.
Slowly, each evening, I loosen my muscles
pull on metal chains until I break all the buckles
and with each of my fingers held up to the sky
I shoot out my soul and suck up all the light;
I'm stroking your skin as you lie and you sleep
and when you sleeptalk, it's to me that you speak.
And don't even think you can leave me behind
when I lie in the very pigment of your mind
when you close your tired eyes.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
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