my son's a realy keen guitaritst and has been looking for some advice as to the type of guitar to buy. I understand the rules are in place for his protection - which is cool - but I'd like to ask on his behalf, please, for some advice from you guys: this is his original post.
Thanks - Claire (40!)

what is the best guitar i can get for under £500
im 11 years old and ive been playing for 5 years
to go with my new Crate FW120 amp

i listen and play mostly zeppelin, sabbath, AC DC, maiden and all the classic rock and heavy rock

ive been looking at ibanez guitars
epiphone sg special
bc rich guitars
and loads more
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u can't go wrong with a mexcan strat.

feels nice n pretty cheap

sounds quite nice too

coming from someone named "fenderholic..." but I completely agree with you. I started learnin on my dad's Fender MIM strat. great guitar for the price and very versatile for players not set on what they wanna play yet.
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I don't actually know the exact exchange rate for currency, but I would suggest an Epiphone Les Paul Standard or SG Standard (Or G-400 I think). The Les Paul is heavier, brighter sounding, and a little uncomfortable in my opinion, but the sound is great, especially for the money. SG's feel great, are comfortable and lightweight, have a great sound for rock, and have great fret access, considering he's 11 years old and his fingers probably don't stretch THAT far.
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