I call my guitar the "golden tiger" because it has a gold pickguard and the finish is red. My brother though it would be "cool" to write (with sharpie) golden tiger in chinese on my guitar neck. When I came home I was so ticked that he did this! (This was a month ago)And on top of all this, he lacquered it with clear nail polish. How do I get rid of this? Can i use mineral spirits? I don't want to ruin the finish of the neck.
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^ +1 Or use minerals to clean it, then mix his blood with windex to clean up the aftermath and make it shine like a fresh dead child.
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Will you post a picture before you do? It sounds really cool.

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Will you post a picture before you do? It sounds really cool.

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sounds like you brother is a douche.. and so are you for having him hook you up with sweet ass graphics... really dude.. he "lacquered it with clear nail polish" or did you do it and not like the results..
I agree with the use of his blood after a good beat down.

I know that finger nail polish actually fades after being rubbed alot. Just leave it on until the polish is off from playing. I have actually used rubbing alchohol. if you wipe it quickly after doing it, you'll stop damage from being done.

I also read on another forum that someone took a dry-erase maker, drew over the Perm, marker, and then wiped it away with a dry-erase eraser.
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