I'm look into getting an amp (most likely used), which can be used for a good punk/pop punk/alternative. I've gotten recommendations for the Hot Rod Deluxe, Hot Rod Deville, and the Twin. Cleans aren't the most important part of what I need, but since the amp is a Fender, it won't be a problem, most likely. I'm mostly worried about distortion. What are your thoughts? By the way, I'm playing a Fender '72 Tele Deluxe RI.
If you are looking for a nice crunch tone, the Fender may not be your most suitable option. That said, it responds very well to overdrive/distortion pedals. The Hot Rod Deluxe is a lovely amp that equally loves you to stick something inside of it.
Look for a used Fender Prosonic, or if you're lucky, it's "newer" incarnation - the Supersonic. They are very nice in terms of crunch tones. Also look into some of Fenders 80's made valve amps. They were making amps back then that they wanted to rival Mesa etc. with and had much higher gain than say, a Twin or Deluxe reverb. That being said, I wouldn't bother with a Fender Twin Reverb, as it is far too clean for you to enjoy the power tube saturation (that comes when it is totally at the brink of meltdown) at anything other than stupidly loud volume levels. Why Fender? Is there anything else you would consider. Also, what is your budget and where do you live? I ask because I can troll your local Craigslist or whatever and find some suitable amps. (Done this the other night and it was quite addictive for some sick reason )
Well, my friend had a Fender HR Deluxe that sounded good, so I was just asking about the particular series. But, if you have any suggestions, that would be great! I'm mainly looking for a combo tube amp, and I live in the OC, CA. I suppose my budget is anywhere from 400 to 500 dollars. Possibly 600 if it's worth it. I'm obviously going to be buying it used. Some more musical influences are: Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Eye Alaska, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Death Cab For Cutie, OLD Panic! At The Disco, and Muse.

*raises flameshield*
Don't worry about the flame shield.

1. This isn't quite 'The Pit.'
2. Some of those bands are good, or at least have good tone!

I'm checking CL right now. I'll get back to you!
I would only flame you about Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco... But I'll let it slide this time

Anyway, yes, many of the amps mentioned would be good... But you could also go out and get an overdrive pedal just in case.
This is a start, the OC is pretty crap so far for used amps!


I will add more, don't worry. I just think that anyone would enjoy this amp. You may need a boost though. Also, it's not overly American voiced, but then the Hot Rod Deluxe isn't overly close to the sound of the bands you like, but is more than capable of pop punk tone.

A wild card? All I know about Carvin is their excellent rep...

Needs a cab but what the hell...

This does a bit of everything, and quite good too...

Rebel 20 - worth serious thought.

Blues Deville - better version of the Hot Rod - talk the guy down some for that ugly stencilling that's ruined the tweed.

Valveking - at this price the money you save could be used for a speaker swap or something.

Hot Rod Deville

Tech 21 Trademark 60 - I would seriously consider this amp - even if it is solid state.

Hot Rod Deluxe

Carvin Bel Air

Do this!! For $200 you have to.

Also a good deal. At this pric you could afford a nice 2x12.

Ok, I need sleep! Orange County is crap for amp hunting....
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Wow. Thank you so much! I am definitely looking into those! And for a great price! Now I just gotta weed through them all! Haha. Any specific recommendations on those amps, from you or the community? Thanks!
The Hot Rod Deluxe along with this
is something you should definitely consider.
A really nice guy on here (Dave_Mc) is quite fond of them and the sound clips I've heard tell it's a great pedal for the money. There are higher priced options, but that's up to you to decide on.

Otherwise, the Mesa Boogie, the Tech 21, the Rebel 20 or the Vox AD60 are your best bet, in my eyes. I've only had direct experience with the Vox though.

This is also another amp I highly recommend.

this may not even need a overdrive pedal as it has nice driven tones already. A simple boost, such as this
will really add depth, power and tightness. You can also boost your mids with it, which is what many heavy blues guitarist like to do.
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