Baghhh, im in a rut with my guitar playing, everything seems to be either too easy or too hard to play, i need to learn something to really boost my playing again, can anybody list some really fun things to learn?

Also, what is the best website to learn guitar theory from? I can make a major scale and all the modes, but thats about it.

somebody listed this site the other day and i book marked it. i had a site like this i used to use all the time but it shut down, so i'm happy to find another


also, try learning some paul gilbert or steve vai stuff. the song "Answers" fro Vai is great, the intro and some of the lead work is pretty easy, then it'll throw you into the fire with some great soloing. gilbert's got a lot of similar sort of stuff.

it really depends on where your musical interests are though, i know some people can't stand vai /gilbert/satch
I'm starting to have the same problem
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idk if i'm supposed to reference other sites or not here i'm sure some1 will tell me sooner or later ....

but go to Youtube and look up a guy named Justin Sandercore if you haven't

he also has a free website that is one of the best i have seen at explaining things called justinguitar.com

you can prob find something that interests you there.

I went through and am still going through this prob . You learn all the songs that you like and are forced to learn music theory so you can make your own actual "musical songs" even though my best songs are from when i had ABSOLUTELY no musical theory knowledge LMAO

I love great songs by accident. lol.....
lol if you haven't go to the nearest heavily populated area throw a bucket in front of you saying "Help "insert whatever here" and have some fun in front of others it is great....

y favorite thing to do is to go play goth songs in front of University Hospital LMAO...... i used to work there and i can make more in an hour playing guitar then slaving inside the building....

I usually use malaria since it is in front of a hospital. But plan on actually sending some money for nets an quinine in the future.... until then HELLO FULL GAS TANK.