I have been playing for 2 years now and mostly played nirvana and punkish stuff but now i have become interested in more advanced techniques and playing fast .Stuff like racer x ,satriani and metal things. but i have no idea where to start, what should i do first(mile sweeping or alt picking , more theory ), what are good exercises there is so much to learn.I figured out that a practice routin could help me because i plan on playing all day and after 15 minutes i just go on UG and browse the pit. so if i had a routine to follow and i knew what excersis to do i would be playing much more . but i can't come up with one if i don't know what to practice
I can play 5 hours a day for the next 40 days or so so i guess if i do that i would improve greatly and i don't want to waste that time in the pit.

So does anyone know where i should begin to learn metal and speed playing and where i can find a practice routine or how i should make one myself?
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start off with stuff that has a few tricky spots in the song, typically avenged sevenfold. Compared to many other heavyer bands, avenged sevenfold remains mild in difficulty. but i guess you could also learn little slivers of songs, but its typically best to learn a whole song rather than just a part of a song. if you cant go with avenged sevenfold, then just go a few steps lower and get yourself comfortable to A.F.I, M.C.R, stuff like that. Dont just jump into advanced stuff, gradually work your way in


Learn your theory pretty well too, it will help you a LOT when mapping out the fretboard, so when you encounter a tricky lick or progression, then you can understand why the artist used some weird notes. And learn your theory because you can essentially pick your guitar up and play a chord progression and then make whatever you want on top of that
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