Oh, sweet usufruct.

To bluster and bristle my amiable misgiving,
the imminent draws certainly into unfamiliar.

The caress of haughty trepidation agitates callowness.
So fickle, so insouciant, so ingenuous. So

Myself affrighted by, in veracity,
the sultriness of elysium each morning
that hither follows nearer.

To thespianism, yes!
To thespian, no.

I, racked by doubt, do confess
incertitude begets myself, as
I often perceive myself mislaid.

Oh, disdain by my hand,
only to disparage his near equal sister.

Practiced. Perhaps.
Defeat looms. Perhaps.
Sands fall. certainly.

Oh, sweet usufruct.
Your duration almost full.

I am unready.
So fickle, so insouciant, so ingenuous. So

yeah. well,
what do you guys think of it?
Its mostly about how I was feeling a few months ago.
constructive criticism welcome.

French, from participle of flamboyer to flame
1:Characterized by waving curves suggesting flames
2:Marked by or given to strikingly elaborate or colorful display or behavior

Question: is usufruct a word?
I didn't understand any of that. And I'm not going to look up words.
It's probably a very nice poem? But I didn't like it. Mainly because it makes no sense to me.
Like the person above said, it would make a good poem, but a song I'm not sure. It has alot of complex words, which I think would be hard to put to music. IMO when I'm listening to music I do not want to be consulting the dictionary, remember that not all of the listeners are going to have PhD's. But for a poem, well done.