Okay, so for these Summer holidays I'm going to try and play for a minimum of 2 hours focused playing a day, which is, hmm nearly 100 hours of dedicated practice if I'm right.

Currently, I have been playing Electric guitar since February/March, with my practice ranging from 1-3 hours, to none at all, but it hasn't been dedicated, its been like whilst watching TV, or just playing songs. I know open chords, basics of Barre chords, and I'm currently learning the Pentatonic scale in 5 different positions. Songs wise, I can play easy power chord shizz like american idiot, the rhythm to metallica songs like Enter Sandman (I can play a bit of the solo) and Seek and Destroy. Also, I know the intro to Nothing Else Matters.

Now, my question is, what should I leanr in the holidays?

I mean like, should I carry on learning the pentatonic scale, then learn some songs and solos which use them and then record my own backing track and solo in the pentatonic, then move on to the major scale/Caged system, then barre chords mroe thouroghly, as well as learning more songs/finishing ones off I know ? Or is there something else I should be learning/I've missed out? Does this sound okay?

Also, if I spent 100 focused hours over summer on this, how far would I get do you think?

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listen to a lot of music.

it is important that you learn both major and minor scales. maybe learn a bit of theory here and there. and always practice the blues scale along with pentatonic, i think most blues shapes have the pentatonic scale in it anyway. theory would definitely help you out for identifying parts of a chord, thus you will learn octaves faster, and you will know how to play through each octave.

if you spent about 100 hours you'd probably be able to knock all this down and be a mean lean pentatonic machine. if you want to do more over the summer though, 4 hours a day is usually where its at.
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yeah it will help a lot if you really focus on playing, I don't so much but I think I
m pretty well off for 2 years of playing. Sometimes its just you, nobody can tell you how far you'll get because each person learns at their own pace. I know people who've played seriously for 3+ years and still aren't where they should be. Its all about the individual.
You should definately keep learning all the scales, it makes you a much better player and soloist. However, spend just as much time on chords because that is what the guitar does 80% of the time. As far as learning songs, you are on the right track by finishing the ones you know. If you spend as much time as you say you will, you should get pretty far. I began taking lessons in January and was already seeing vast improvement by the end of the month, so you should see improvement too.

PS: if you can jam with friends, it is another great way to improve ability.
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jam with friends and spend time writing your own stuff.

those are the best ways to practice.
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