The first piece "sandstorm" is inspired heavily by Scale the Summit (prog metal) and I should note a lot of it was written by my friend, I'll take full credit for bar 53 onwards though :P

He said it was alright to post here, as we're making an EP and want some feedback before we start recording. The other piece... well, it's a slow clean piece with synths... not sure on the genre. It was the result of getting heavily stoned...

If you want c4c on a piece, make sure you put a link to it in your post.
2 unfinished songs.zip
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In Coma:

I liked it a lot, the name of the song completely fit in with the music too. Would definitely make a good interlude if you kept it going the way it is.


Another good one, I'd definitely like to hear more once you get it up.
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In Coma: I totally agree with andrew on this one. The name does suit the song and it would make a good interlude. The drums were a nice touch and they really built the song up well from where it started, and in such a way that I hardly noticed that it was building, but I still felt it :P

Sandstorm: I really liked the harmonies in this one at the beginning. Cant wait to hear it finished

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I think im gonna need a copy of this EP. I don't have much of a crit for cause im exhausted but tunes were hella nice.
Sandstorm Nice riff, gets a little annoying, for example, Bars 6-9 were not as good as the ones preceding them, but that's just because I don't really like Major. Really nice though. I really liked the 7/8 part. The ending riff was cool.
In (a) Coma The intro was nice and really fitting a little Chinese sounding (that's not bad). I really liked it when the strings came in. The part that sounded like the Verse was really nice, and I like the play on beat. The part with a backing solo was not as good but also really nice. The sweeps were too slow IMO. Better than Sandstorm IMO.
C4C? My songs